Guinness World Record Attempt: Longest Line of Batteries

Event Location

Woodbrook Elementary School 15 Robin Rd, Edison, NJ 08820

Event Time

Oct 7th, 2023
From 8 AM


Kids, Teens, and Families – All are Welcome! (Registration Mandatory)

About Event
Why We Are Attempting:

At Recycle My Battery, we believe in the power of awareness to drive change. Our Guinness World Record attempt for the Longest Line of Batteries is not just about achieving a record; it’s about a mission to promote battery recycling awareness.

Why Battery Recycling Matters: Used batteries, if not recycled properly, pose significant environmental hazards. They can leak harmful chemicals into the soil and groundwater, damaging ecosystems and endangering our health. Did you know that more than 15 billion batteries are ending up in landfill every year worldwide?

Our Vision

 We envision a cleaner, safer world for our generation and the generations to come. By attempting this record, we aim to pivot mindsets towards responsible battery disposal.

How You Can Be Part of It

Join the Record

Bring your used batteries to contribute to the line and be a part of this historic attempt. All registered participants will receive a certificate of participation. Let’s make history together!

Spread the Word

Encourage your kids, friends, and family to register. The more batteries we collect, the stronger our message becomes. Share this event with your social networks and inspire others to join.

Get Certified

If we break the Guinness World Record, all registered participants will have the opportunity to receive an official certificate from GWR. Imagine having a world record to your name!

Promote Battery Recycling

Battery recycling is crucial for a cleaner environment. Support our mission by promoting battery recycling awareness in your community. Share facts, tips, and best practices.


Your financial support helps cover event costs and furthers our mission. Every contribution, big or small, makes a difference. 

Share on Social Media

Use our official event hashtag #BatteriesWorldRecord and share your experiences, photos, and videos on social media. Help us create a buzz and inspire others to join!

Together, we can break a world record and make a meaningful impact on battery recycling awareness.

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